Stockholm 9th of January 2009

The world’s first Jumbo Hostel finally opens!

On January 15th Jumbo Hostel will be opening, the world's first hostel built onboard a real Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Jet.

This Jumbo (Liv) has undergone a complete overhall and major renovation work since last year. Liv was grounded at Stockholm Arlanda Airport back in November 2002.

Back then it retired from operating Charter and Pilgrim flights and now the Jumbo is ready to welcome guests onboard once again, this time with a new image and purpose.

- It's just fantastic and unbelievably exciting to finally be able to show something so unique and special for the rest of the world - says Gisela Olsson, Site Manager at the Jumbo Hostel.

 Since August when the Jumbo (Liv) was towed and relocated to its new permanent location at the entrance to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, it has become a significant landmark. Many people who travel to and from the airport have already drawn attention to the Jumbo Hostel.

- Stockholm Arlanda Airport will now boast a new alternative option for overnight accommodation, but also a fierce attraction. This should bring an increased interest in Stockholm and the region, continues Oscar Diös, CEO and mastermind of the Jumbo Hostel.
The interest is huge, with tour operators and tourist organizations worldwide.

TV crew and Media as far away from Japan, USA, Brazil, Japan, England and Germany have already filmed it to say the least, a unique Swedish hostel now to be opened.

An exclusive press viewing will be held on the 14th of January 2009 between 09.00 pm and 12.00 pm.

For more information about Jumbo Hostel please contact:
Gisela Olsson, Site Manager Jumbo Hostel.
Mobile. +46 0)708 96 39 69
Tel +46 (0) 8 593 604 00

Jumbo Hostel is the world's first hostel housed in a Boeing 747.
Stockholm Arlanda is the first facility in Jumbo Hostel chain.
Night and day visitors will experience the unique feeling of staying
inside a jumbo jet, retired and converted into a hostel and museum.
Jumbo Hostel opens in January 2009.
It provides aviation history here and meets people from all over the world.