The best care for our precious visitors

Welcome to one of the world’s coolest stays! Here you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet – on the ground! Our different room categories can accommodate one to three adults in comfort as well as a quad dormitory bed option.


Our Rooms

Jumbo Stay offers 33 rooms with most four beds in each. All together, the hostel offers 76 beds; one of the more luxurious is to be found at the upper flight deck. The rooms are circa six square meters wide and measure three meters from floor to ceiling. All rooms have a flat screen TV. Everywhere in the jumbo jet you have access to WiFi. All rooms have access to private and shared showers and toilets in the corridor, apart from the Cockpit suite, the Black Box suite and one single room which boast their own shower and WC. In the wheelhouse single rooms you also have a private wc, but access to common showers in the corridor.


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in – Check-in is after 4 pm unless special requirements by the Jumbo Stay and guest is requested to follow accordingly. Payment upon arrival. Guests have to be older then 18 years and will be asked to present ID upon your check-in.
Check-out – Usually check-out must be processed before 10 am. If guests want to stay longer a daily rent can be arranged.
Front desk is open 24 hours.


Cancellations and Failure to Arrive

The following regulations apply by Jumbo Stay:
The cancellation is to be made by 24 hours before arrival, 16:00 at the latest on the day before agreed arrival. If you fail to arrive without having cancelled, or cancel later than 16:00 the day before, you must pay for one night.