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Iconic landmark for sale

We appreciate that you decided to investigate this opportunity further ahead of Jeff. To acquire both a landmark and a legendary Boeing 747-200 in one and the same deal is certainly something you will tell your grandchildren about. Below we have stated the facts. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

All the best!
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Manufacturing year: 1976
Rebuild year at Arlanda: 2009
Floor area: 400 m2

Number of rooms: 33
– Cockpit: 1
– Engine: 4
– Wheelhouse: 2
– Beds 70

Floors 4 st
– 4 Flight deck first class, Cockpit
– 3 Hotel floor
– 2 Cargo/kitchen
– 1 Tech rooms

Elevator; Yes
Conference room: 2 st

Land lease: Swedavia
Site area: 10 000 m2
Water & Sewerage: Municipality
Airport transfer bus: 50 m
Walk to terminal 900 m
Address: Jumbo vägen 4

Heating: Heat pump
Internet: Fiber
Fire protection: Alarm & Sprinkler
Ventilation: FTX
Body: Authentic original airplane

Wingspan: 65 m
Wing area: 525 m2 (Wing terrace 180 m2)
Length: 71 m
Tail fin height: 19 m
Body height: 7 m
Body width: 7 m



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Download prospect document

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